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250g Highland Fine Brie

200g Arran Chilli Cheddar

200g Isle of Kintyre Laproaig Whisky Cheddar

200g Mull Mature Cheddar

150g Connage Dunlop Wedge

100g Letterfinlay Smoked Argyll Ham

100g Letterfinlay Smoked Lorne Beef

80g Great Glen Charcuterie Mustard Venison Salami

100g Benbecula Oatcakes

200g Wooleys of Arran Cheese Oaties

120g Sarah Grays Cheese Lovers Chutney

120g Sarah Grays Whisky Marmalade

4 Twin Packs Walkers Assorted Biscuits

4 Twin Packs Reid Of Caithness Assorted Shortbread

Meat & Cheese Platter Option 2

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